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Stress-free property developing

With an internationally proven business model and a dedicated team, Cameron Macqueen, director – special projects at PAI Group, is ready to help Australian investors unleash the power of property developing – with minimal stress and maximum profits

Granny Flat In 5 Steps

Contemporary, modern and highly versatile, the humble granny flat has exploded in popularity in recent years. 

Set And Forget Investing

Property management that includes many of the costs of repairs and maintenance – and still manages to save you money – is an investor’s dream. And it may just be a matter of looking outside the property management box to achieve this. Pauline Hatch reports

A Revolution In Scientific Property Buying

Development made low-risk, easy and profitable

Properties That Deliver Big Numbers

Passing The Baton To Generation Z

​​​​​​​7-Year Investor Builds Portfolio Of 7 Properties

My Favourite Investment - With Prue Muirhead

Accidental Investing Leads to $2.5M In Wealth

Sell-It-All Strategy Pays Off For Green Investor

From Empty Pockets To $1.2M In Equity

My Favourite Investment With Rich Harvey

Good Things In Small Packages: The Great Granny Flat Comeback

Granny Flat Adds $21,000 To Rental Income

8 Buyer Turn Offs That Could Cost You A Sale

Young Renovators House-Hop their Way to Success

New Investors Take Some Strategies For A Spin

Smash Your Property's Rental Ceiling

'My Favourite Investment' with John Flavell

Developing A Duplex, Two houses, two rents, two sales: too good to be true?

'My Favourite Investment' with Naomi Findlay

'My Favourite Investment' with Paul Wilson

'My Favorite Investment' With Tyron Hyde

Fact or Myth? What’s really happening in property?

Unlocking the Secrets to Happy, Long-term Tenants

Packaging Your Property For Sale

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