Ian Hosking Richards

Ian Hosking Richards

Ian Hosking Richards is a successful property investor with a portfolio of over 30 properties. He is the CEO and founder of Rocket Property Group, a leading independent real estate agency that helps hundreds of people each year enter the property market or grow their existing portfolios. 

For further information or assistance, please visit www.rocketpropertygroup.com.au or call 1300 850 038.

  • The reason why the vast majority of us are investing in property is to provide ourselves with financial independence at retirement. However many investors seem vague on exactly how they will be able to derive an income stream from their assets once they have reached that stage in their lives. read more

  • I often get calls from potential investors who are particularly interested in finding an investment property that will give them positive cash flow. They may have read a book about buying for cash flow, or read an article somewhere, or been advised by a friend or work colleague. Now I would be the first to agree that minimizing holding costs is important. However blindly chasing cash flow above all else is a mistake in my view, and often leads to bad investment decisions. read more

  • An understanding of property cycles is an essential tool for the property investor. The various stages of the property cycle seem to give off signals that may lead inexperienced investors to act emotionally and make poor decisions. Many novice investors are seduced by long periods of sustained growth and frenzied market activity. read more

  • I believe that one perceptible difference between successful investors and the masses of ‘underachievers’ out there is their focus. Less successful investors seem to focus more on the perceived negatives. read more

  • The subject of valuations, and specifically low valuations, seems to be an ongoing issue in the property industry. I last covered this topic way back in May 2010 (issue 34), and things certainly do not seem to have got any easier, or more transparent, since then. In fact, they appear to have become more complex read more

  • Each month Ian Hosking Richards shares a fundamental tip or two to help budding investors build the best investment property portfolio they can. read more

  • Whilst mortgage insurance can at first glance appear to be a cheeky money grab by greedy lenders, the plain fact is that avoidance of LMI at all costs can often be a false economy, and severely curb the acquisition of further growth assets. read more

  • Inexperienced investors sometimes make bad investment decisions because they are not in possession of all the relevant facts. In the absence of compelling evidence to the contrary, it is nevertheless dangerous to assume that all builders are the same and all blocks of land of a given size are roughly comparable. read more

  • Many potential investors who possess sufficient knowledge to get started never end up doing anything. So what is the problem? What is the cause of all this procrastination? read more

  • I recently attended the ‘2011 Property Bubble Debate’ in Sydney. Of the seven speakers three were of the conviction that the Australian property market is in imminent danger of imploding and that we are about to enter a prolonged period of deflation and massive property price corrections. read more