Property Renovation - Investment Strategies

    • It's a shame you can't see the city views in the video, but I can assure you the views are great... and when you add a nice cool breeze after a hot day the person who buys the place is going to love it. read more

    • Lots of work still to do, including: waterproofing, undercoating, floor coverings and plaster repairs! read more

    • You don't need to step out of the front door in order to have a day spa experience – you can create one in the comfort of your own home, transforming a humble bathroom into a sleek spa-like space read more

    • As a pocket in a home that is exclusively designed for relaxation and entertainment, the sitting room needs to be beautiful, comfortable and welcoming. It sets up the atmosphere of the rest of the house and is a teaser of its design style read more

    • The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in any home and can often require a lot of work and money to renovate properly. However, with good planning and a realistic eye, it doesn’t have to break the bank. read more

    • A spectacular house isn't just about what's inside: it's also what's on the outside that counts. When it comes to the backyard, a well-designed deck can add function and additional space, creating a highly sought-after ‘extra’ entertainment zone. read more