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    • When considering depreciation, which will gain the greatest benefit from capital allowances: new or old properties? That is the ongoing question – one that Paul Mazoletti from Napier & Blakeley aims to answer once and for all read more

    • The announcement of changes to depreciation in the 2017 Federal Budget surprised everyone, especially investors in the process of buying property right now. Tyron Hyde from Washington Brown walks us through the changes, and how they will impact you read more

    • When it comes to property and tax, many investors stand to miss out on the benefits provided by a scrapping report. Tyron Hyde from Washington Brown takes us through the finer details of scrapping and why it’s so important to maximise your property tax depreciation deductions at tax time read more

    • Investing in new property can seem like a daunting and risky prospect, while the development of existing property can turn out to be more complicated than just profiting off  an unused bit of land. Eddie Chung clarifies the pros of new property investment and the tax considerations involved in subdividing for development read more

    • If superannuation is a minefield, navigating the superannuation rules around SMSFs investing in property could be likened to disarming individual mines without detonating them. We asked Eddie Chung to explain exactly what your SMSF can do with property investments – and, just as importantly, what they can’t do. read more

    • Though information sharing is a cornerstone of the digital age, it can also lead to misconceptions being perpetuated – especially when it comes to tax. Eddie Chung sheds some light on two of the most commonly misinterpreted property tax deductions read more