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Vacant residential land tax to be expanded statewide in Victoria

The Allan government will expand its tax on vacant residential land to include all of Victoria as its first initiative since Daniel Andrews resigned as Premier last week.

These investors will now face an “Airbnb tax”

Investors who rent their property out on short-stay accommodation platforms such as Airbnb and Stayz in Victoria or Queensland will soon face a tax surcharge.

Is there an end in sight for Australia’s rental crisis?

We've been experiencing a rental crisis with historically low vacancy rates and skyrocketing rents for some time now, so is there an end in sight?

'Investor bashing' adding fuel to rental crisis

Guide to selling your investment property

2023 spring selling season tips

Aussie property prices to surge by 2025

Mind the (gender) gap!

All aboard! Should you buy near a train station?

Tax-time triumph: How this investor is maximising her returns

‘Bye, bye:’ Property investors pack up their bags in droves

Victoria to slug Airbnb, Stayz with 7.5% short-stay levy

World’s best countries for 2023 revealed, and Australia takes 4th place

Cultivating financial wisdom: essential money lessons to teach your children

Busiest end to winter in a decade for new property listings

How will the 2020’s compare to the 2010’s for property investors? 

Greens propose 1,000% rates surcharge for Brisbane Airbnbs

The Boom and Bust of our Property Cycles: A Journey Through the Investor’s Mind

5 timeless wealth-building principles

Rental vacancy rates plummet to new low

RBA keeps rates on hold for September

Will the governments new housing supply target turn the market upside down?

Where can investors find the highest rental yields now?

What the rental crisis means for property investors

Here’s how many property investments our politicians own

Why the ALP’s Grand Plan to Build 1.2 Million Homes Is Destined to Fail – A Reality Check

Australia vs the rest of the world: How do our rental laws stack up?

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