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Higher penalties for foreign investors in Australia's housing market

The Australian Government is increasing penalties for foreign investors buying existing housing or leaving their investments empty, encouraging them to construct build-to-rent properties instead.

The best AC setting for comfort and energy efficiency in summer

As the scorching summer days approach, finding the perfect balance between staying comfortably cool and conserving energy has become crucial.

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RBA not horsing around, delivers cash rate hike on Melbourne Cup Day

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Here’s how long it takes first home buyers to save a deposit in Australia

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What features should you look for in an investment loan?

The changing landscape of pet ownership in strata apartments

Lenders begin blacklisting ‘risky’ suburbs

5 key spring housing market trends to keep an eye on

Historic edition of the PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards (Australia) commemorates the country’s finest real estate

Labour’s Housing Future fund won’t work: Here’s why

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