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Revealed: The 20 happiest countries in the world for 2023

The recently released 2023 World Happiness Report shows that despite several overlapping crises, there has been a surprising resilience in how people rate their lives overall.

Murray Bridge land rezoning to unlock 1,000 new homes

Murray Bridge is one of the reliable investment hotspots in South Australia.

Rental markets mark longest streak of gains

House rents have been growing over the past eight quarters.

Supporting build-to-rent sector could unlock 150,000 homes

Are our property markets really just a Ponzi Scheme?

House Price Volatility: Is It a Fee or a Fine?

The Underlying Fundamentals Remain Strong for Brisbane Property

Auction clearance rates improve as sellers learn to adapt pricing

Rents pick up pace as vacancies shrink further

RBA takes a breather, holds cash rate

Housing supply and demand gap set to widen

Home prices continue to bounce as end of rate hikes looms

Is unbundling parking from apartments a good idea?

Own a pet? Best to avoid renting in these suburbs

Queensland landlords to be allowed to increase rents only once per year

5 reasons to refinance your investment loan in 2023

What is rental yield and how do you calculate it?

Are skyrocketing rent costs a manifestation of a broken rental system?

ACT makes history, bans “no cause” evictions

Check out these 9 property markets that can weather an economic recession

Loss-making resales still contained despite housing downturn

Hesitant sellers stifle seasonal listing growth

Investors are “furious” with talks about rent caps in Queensland

Renters more vulnerable to financial stress than mortgage holders

ACT expands coverage of Sustainable Household Scheme

New home sales hit hard by rate hikes

Infrastructure boom set to support long-term property demand

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