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Apprentice to master investor: How Andrew Morello keeps on winning

Andrew attributes his success to his parents, who came to Australia on a boat from Italy in the 1950s. He learnt from them the importance of a strong work ethic, and the benefits of investing money. 

Renovation Guide 2016: Doug Badrock

A temporary career change and a bargain buy have led to Victorian couple Doug and Sarah Badrock taking on their most ambitious renovation project to date. 

Rear view with Amy Mylius

I’ve recently caught the renovating bug after completing my first big project on an investment property. I love the design and planning process, and the fact it forced me to be more creative than I usually am. I gutted a seventies apartment in Seddon and, whilst it had its trials and tribulations, it was an extremely satisfying process and I learnt more than I expected. I have a lot of people in the property industry to lean on for advice, but it was a bit of a juggling act trying to stick to a tight budget and still come out with a quality product. 

Renovation Guide 2016: Nikki Correia

My Recent Best Deal with Cam McLellan

Justine and Aaron Lea: Decisive action paid millions in profit

Rear view with Jeremy Sheppard

Laurie and Trish’s bargain deal grossed $150K on profit

Orsolya and Mick: $100k in just six months

Eliza Haycroft: How a middle-aged single mum managed to break into the property market

How we built our $4m portfolio quickly and safely

Investor of the Year Awards 2015: Steven Ryan

Investor of the Year Awards 2015: Ralph Nicholson

Investor of the Year Awards 2015: Yola Bakker

Investor of the Year Awards 2015: Esme Chin

Investor of the Year 2015 Awards: Alfonso and Vanessa Soliano

Rear view with Tyron Hyde

Selling the dream home to fund the dream

Rear view with Keshav Jha

Kerry and Stephen Bishop: How we built our $4.75 million property portfolio safely

Miriam Keen: How I built my million-dollar portfolio from nothing, to earn $64,220 a year

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