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    • Pretend for a moment that you’ve suddenly been gifted the opportunity to invest in any property (or properties) you like, with $1m worth of buying power at your disposal. What – and where – would you buy? read more

    • When you’re ready to take action and purchase your next investment property, a successful outcome depends on your negotiation skills – and by taking the time to fully understand the motivation of the seller, you can create a win-win outcome. read more

    • Working with honest, reliable and trustworthy people is the ultimate way to build up your portfolio. But how do you know who’s in your corner, and who are the shonky characters with more interest in lining their own pockets than in helping you grow your wealth? read more

    • If you want to be successful as a property investor, it’s important to do things in the right order. Michael Yardney, our Reader’s Choice Property Investment Advisor of the Year 2016, offers this advice to help you move forward with your property-buying journey in 2017. read more

    • ​​​​​​​In 2013, Todd Hunter started to build a property portfolio for himself in the United States of America. An intoxicating combination of both extremely low purchase prices and sky-high yields attracted him to the US – and now four years later, he can’t get enough! read more

    • What problems could possibly cause buyers to turn tail and run on inspection day? A panel of Australia’s property experts have revealed the top property sale faux pas – and how to make sure they don’t happen to you. read more

    • The word ‘research’ is thrown around a lot in the property investment field. But what do true researchers look for when they investigate whether a suburb or region is primed for growth? Todd Hunter from wHeregroup shares his strategies for researching the next big boom town before anyone else read more

    • For years, there has been an ongoing debate on whether investing in new construction or an established house is best. There are, however, many benefits and reasons which cannot be overlooked when considering a new build. read more

    • ‘Sydney price boom over’, the headlines declare, followed by fearful warnings of a ‘looming property oversupply’. In other words: the property boom has run its course, the markets have peaked, and the dream is over. It’s enough to make a would-be landlord reconsider whether to invest in real estate at all… read more