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High-yield and highly affordable: micro-apartments

With capital city properties more expensive than ever, affordability for buyers and renters is sky-high. Ian Ugarte believes multiroom homes and micro-apartments may be the solution to Australia’s affordability crisis, boosting investors’ bottom lines along the way. Sarah Megginson reports

Stress-free property developing

With an internationally proven business model and a dedicated team, Cameron Macqueen, director – special projects at PAI Group, is ready to help Australian investors unleash the power of property developing – with minimal stress and maximum profits

Granny Flat In 5 Steps

Contemporary, modern and highly versatile, the humble granny flat has exploded in popularity in recent years. 

Development made low-risk, easy and profitable

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Developing A Duplex, Two houses, two rents, two sales: too good to be true?

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5 things to know before tackling a multi-dwelling development project

How to find properties with subdivision potential

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