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Discretionary buyer booms are coming

Over the last five years, housing values in Sydney and Melbourne have grown rapidly and delivered their owners a huge increase in equity. This is because the benefit of these increased property values applies to all homeowners, even if they didn’t buy or sell during the heady boom years.

It’s all about me

How local cafe culture affects local property prices in Queensland

The best book I nearly didn’t pick up and why

Why Brisbane’s market hasn’t boomed

3 statistics property investors must understand

Gen Y are all grown up, but not looking for a mortgage – why?

Negotiate like a pro

The next suburbs to gentrify

Have you had your ‘aha’ moment yet?

7 Reasons to Diversify your Portfolio

The 3 critical mistakes to avoid when buying a property

The Unintended Consequences of "Irresponsible" Regulation

8 golden rules of investment

How to navigate a changing lending landscape

Overcoming fear

Back to Basics

Keeping Motivated while Facing Failure

Why negative gearing is DEAD thanks to APRA and the banks...

Large urban areas ripe for picking

Aussie locations still producing double-digit growth

How Will the Royal Commission Impact Property Investors?

A futurist’s view of property

290 per cent Growth

5 statistics property investors must understand

Is There An Interest Rate Tsunami Approaching?

Sydney's hidden gem

Did Somebody Forget To Mention All The GOOD News?

Changes are coming to the investment lending environment

Making Money Lies in Property Purchase

Identify a gentrifying area and capitalise on its growth

How to overcome analysis paralysis in real estate investing

Major Bank Cracks Down on Living Expenses

Knockdowns increase

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