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Real Reader SMSF Scenarios

Investing through an SMSF can be complicated, and expert guidance and support are key to making it work. These real reader scenarios shed light on some tricky aspects of borrowing through an SMSF

Reno Q&A: Vetting Your Selling Agent

Reno Q&A: Picking the right property to renovate.

Reno Q&A: Your renovation questions on buying a rundown property answered

Reno Q&A: Your renovation questions on bank valuations answered

Reno Q&A: Renovating for profit

Reno Q&A: Asbestos and planning for your renovation

Reno Q&A: Poor Quality Workmanship from Tradespeople

Reno Q&A: Your renovation questions answered

​Reno Q&A: Timing your reno, and when you need DA approval

​Ask the Experts: Claiming Tax on Renovations & Finding The Right Deal

​Reno Q&A: Bathroom colour schemes and where to focus an upgrade

Property Management Q&A: Repairs and Maintenance Issues

​Reno Q&A: Best time to do a renovation

Reno Q & A : Investment Potential of Eco-Friendly Homes

​RENO Q&A: Installing a frameless shower screen and more

Kitchen Renos, Bathroom Reno, and Choosing Granite, Marble or Caesarstone Benchtops

Reno Q&A - Comparing Quotes - Laundry + Bathroom & Best flooring for a rental property

Reno Q&A with Cherie Barber

Q&A Renovations with Cherie Barber

Creating A Property Investment Plan - Ben Kingsley

Claiming Bond and Damage to Property

Reno to Sell and Analysing Reno Potential

Converting a Three-Bedder to a Four-Bedroom Home

My Property Manager's Friend as my Tenant and High Property Manager Turnover

Subletting and To Furnish or Not To Furnish

When To Sell, When To Hold?

DIY renovations and how to find the best tradies

Renovation When Property is Tenanted and Maintenance Issues

Property management Q&A: Illegal Renovation by Tenants and New Migrants as Tenants

Tax Q&A: CGT Issues

Reno Q&A: More Rooms = More Profit, Granny Flats and Where to Spend a $10k Reno Budget

Reno Q&A: Calculating Costs And DIY Vs. Professional Reno

Tax Q&A:Your tax questions answered

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