Tax Strategies - Investment Strategies

    • The dual occupancy is simply a property with two sources of income. Returns for both the short and long term are superior and this assists tax payers with the recurring question of “how can I make my property positively geared?” read more

    • Many property investors are now investing in large blocks of land and putting a granny flat at the back of the property. Indeed, not only is this popular for investment properties but also popular for PPR’s (principal places of residences). The main tax issues with Granny Flats that we have come across are as follows... read more

    • Getting audited can be a scary experience, so Eddie Chung lays out the most effective strategies for dealing with the taxman read more

    • Subdividing land and selling it off is one of the quickest ways to make money through property. But there are costly traps you need to be aware of. Eddie Chung explains read more

    • In certain circumstances a negatively geared property can become positively geared as a result of the depreciation deductions and tax benefits available. As mentioned above this works particularly well for higher income earners. Below is an example of a negatively geared property which has positive cash flow after tax benefits. read more

    • One of the potential casualties of the recent Federal Budget is the National Rental Affordability Scheme. Eddie Chung examines the fallout and how you can deal with it read more