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11 Things we learned about the Australian property markets in 2019

Those of us interested in the Australian property markets have seen it all over the past 12 months.

3 reasons why your property settlement might be delayed

4 common mistakes when selecting a property manager

3 types of insurance all property investors should consider

How to pay off your mortgage in 10 years

What’s the best investment for this new property cycle?

Was 2019 a successful year for you?

Can you claim on new and old property?

From 40% CRASH to 15% BOOM in 12 months!?

How to maximise your rent

Public sector is part of the property engine

The problem with buying property bargains

Is a new First Home Buyer BOOM about to begin?

Rental trends point towards changing market cycles

This is what happens when you engage a real estate agent to sell your home

Cash flow is king again in the property market

Warning: Some high-rise apartment buildings will become the slums of the future

What's causing Australia's home construction slowdown?

In this month’s QS Corner…

These 5 factors drive our property markets

There is a sting in the tail

Should you consider buying with a friend

If in doubt, stick to the basics

Where’s the best place to be born in 2019?

Millionaire migrant mini-market booms

Get a Free Estimate!

Now Is the Greatest Time to Invest for More Than 3 Decades!?!

How to spot a lemon at a property inspection

The interest rate riddle

What a difference an election makes

7 mistakes to avoid on your first property investment

Beware of the modern-day property prophets

The stars have aligned for property investors

Google or mentor – which one is best?

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