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Why small fish are sweeter property investments

Expert Advice with Simon Pressley 03/03/2018

Does property investing actually work?

Why free investment advice could cost you a fortune

Who Thought That Was a Good Idea?

2018 property trends to watch

Sydney cools as Melbourne heats up

In this month’s QS it’s our 40th Birthday

Make Your Equity Work For You

A valuer looks ahead at 2018

3 Big Property Risks - And How to Manage Them

How to end 2018 wealthier than you started it

5 big mistakes investors make when analysing rental properties

Too much fuss about negative gearing

The 5 Biggest Mistakes Rookies Make at Auctions

The Many Wonders Of A Regional Location

Why Should You Invest in Property?

The reports you can rely on

Changes to depreciation: What you can still claim on

Busting 6 Common Capital Growth Myths

The Cryptocurrency Craze

The challenge most investors face

What is causing the slowdown?

What is Blockchain?

Great Advantages to Buying Property this Christmas

6 essential questions to ask before turning your home into an investment

5 types of properties the banks consider “risky”

Tips for Finding the Right Builder

Avoiding bidding wars

Property investors to prevent pension time bomb

Reports you should always get

Is it wise to buy a property with friends and family?

Depreciation on second-hand residential property

2018 is going to be a boom year

Preventing property ID fraud

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