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The pet-friendly laws in each Aussie state

For pet owners, the rules and regulations around rental properties and pets are changing. Here are the laws in each state.

Do I need to be rich to set up a family trust?

Sydney and Melbourne suburbs more likely to hold their value 

Covid-19 shrank household size, lifted prices

The QLD land tax grab that could hurt renters and investors

11 factors that affect the value of your property 

The Aussie suburbs where it's cheaper to buy than rent

17 Sydney suburbs cheaper than 5 years ago

NO, You Should NOT Put Your Property Search on Hold!

Rental market in crisis: Supply slumps to historic low

Top 20 strongest global prime property markets for 2022 - and 5 Aussie cities made the list

Sydney and Melbourne property prices falling – other states fading

16 Brisbane suburbs cheaper than 5 years ago

Here Is What We Have Been Buying Over The Last 12 Months

Why housing markets perform differently from each other

Know the best time to buy, hold or sell

Investors at near-record highs? – think again | Property Insiders

Brisbane’s best suburbs for 2022 and why the experts will get this one wrong

Look how many property records were broken in 2021

Is inflation good or bad for our economy?

Will mortgage stress be the beginning of the end of the great Covid-19 property boom?

9 things I wish I knew before buying my first property

200,000 migrants will stretch our property markets next year | Property Insiders [Video]

How to claim the maximum Commercial Property Depreciation?

Ask Yourself, Who Will Buy My Property?

Is higher inflation the end of low interest rates? | Property Insiders [Video]

Are we in for a pre-election economic boom? Property Insiders Video

How will APRA’s sledgehammer impact our housing markets? | Property Insiders [Video]

Here's a property risk you probably haven't thought about.

Warning: Steer clear of inner-city apartments

Never say never sell

What a turnaround for our property markets | Property Insiders [Video]

Will APRA increase interest rates for property investors? | Property Insiders [Video]

Unintended consequences for borrowers

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