Jeremy Sheppard

Jeremy Sheppard

Jeremy Sheppard is a property data nut-job. Jeremy is obsessed with understanding the drivers of capital growth. He is always on the hunt for new data and new ways of making property investment research less risky, more rewarding and faster.
Jeremy has bought properties without even visiting them that have doubled in value in less than three years with no renovation, development or subdivision.
Jeremy is an expert on property investment strategy: city vs region; buy vs sell; growth vs cash-flow; unit vs house; buy new vs old; fixed vs variable; high vs low LVR; own vs rent.

  • The Housing Industry Association (HIA) publishes a report listing the top residential property markets around Australia which they call “Hot Spots”. But they are not hot spots for investors. On the contrary, investors should probably avoid these locations. read more

  • There are novice investors about to have their finances raped by sharks like these posing as investor’s assistants. These sorts of investment mistakes honestly do ruin lives. It can take decades to recover from a bad property investment given how expensive property is. read more

  • Property spruikers may take a number of forms, disguising themselves as professionals in the industry to gain trust despite having a vested interest. read more

  • Sooner or later they will be right about Brisbane. But how long must an investor wait, paying interest on a loan before some significant growth in Brisbane occurs? read more

  • Warren Buffet is not God. He is a human that makes mistakes like the rest of us. I know this will outrage some of his believers... read more

  • Years ago I was frustrated at how long it took me to iron my shirts each week. I did some quick calculations in my head at the ironing table to see if it would be more efficient to have my shirts dry cleaned... read more

  • I’m yet to read any negative sentiment in the media about Professor Laurence Murphy's notions, so I thought I’d be first. read more

  • My worst mistakes in property investing revolve around missing the right time to sell. The “never sell” philosophy was drummed into me as a noob by well-meaning educators. I’ve bought property that has doubled in value in a few years. I definitely got my research right. But I stopped my research once I had bought. Prices dropped back to where they started and they stayed there. Ouchy lessons like that have taught me that there are definitely occasions when an investor needs to sell. So when is it? read more

  • How many times have you heard the following clichés used to describe a property market? “Too hot” “Overheated” There’s no such thing – depending on how you interpret these “temperature” metaphors. I’ll explain why, but first we need to… read more

  • Property professionals often advise investors to check the demographics before choosing between houses or units. Nice advice. But in my opinion, how the demographic data is interpreted by the professional, is often arse-about-face. And I’ve heard this from experts towards the top of the property professional food chain. read more