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Strategies to help your tenant if they are affected by Covid-19

Many businesses over the next few months will be forced to shut their doors to slow the spread of covid-19. The important thing for landlords to remember is this is a short term problem and we need to communicate and work with our tenants to help them get through this tough period. 

There's a 6 month moratorium on evictions - what should I do?

Will COVID-19 crash our property markets?

Government to protect tenants?

What happens if house prices fall?

Will there be a corona recession?

Predictions for the Australian commercial property market

Pandemics, panics and property markets

Busting commercial property myths

Getting started on your journey to wealth

It’s time to stop and reflect

The property wolf who cried Coronavirus

What’s ahead for our property markets in light of the corona virus issues?

Optimistic year ahead for new home sales

Is this the magic ingredient driving our property markets?

10 pointers on gifting money to your children

When will Darwin’s housing market boom again?

Can house prices really keep increasing?

7 things you need do before you start investing in property

How school zones affect property prices

The city that booms when others bust

Five lessons property investors can learn from farmers

To repair or not to repair?

Taking steps into syndication

How to kickstart your property investment portfolio while renting

A property investor's worst enemy!

Welcome to the Year of the Rat

Suburbs where Australians have the highest life expectancy

15 common landlord mistakes it pays to avoid.

Here’s what I’m expecting to happen in property in the next 10 years

Predictions for 2020 and beyond

These ARE the good old days

The ATO is coming for your Airbnb dollars

Should you buy a holiday home?

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