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Brisbane property prices to defy the critics and strengthen in 2020

It is probably the question I am asked most, sometimes many times each day.

How to invest in property in 2020

Why you need a team to build generational wealth?

Will the HomeBuilder grant get the desired results?

Asking rents are pulling back in Sydney and Melbourne- especially in inner CBD

Mortgage pauses being paused, ABS house price and finance figures and all the latest data

50 years of valid reasons not to invest

Commercial versus residential investments

Demographics – the key to lowering risk and building wealth

Australia set to become a nation of renters?

The money tips I wish I taught my children when they were young

Will stamp duty really be abolished?

Property values are going to fall 30%

Australian property market: Decade in review [2010-2019]

2020 is turning into a boom year

We are still open for business!

Three ways to find certainty in very uncertain times

Millennials and Baby Boomers both claim they had it harder...

The seven biggest influencers of our property markets

It's now much easier for tenants to have pets

This week's Australian Property Market Update – Latest Data, State by State

Coronavirus will affect Australia's property markets

Coronavirus crisis: I have no idea what will happen to property prices!

Here's a new metric to help you understand what’s happening in the property market

Getting the inside scoop on property

Landlords duty of care

A landlord's guide to Coronavirus tenancy problems

Building wealth through cash flow properties

7 master skills of wealthy property investors

Why property price growth always leads a crisis recovery

Start with a Wealth Formula

Who will be the tenant of tomorrow?

I’ll reveal my first property deal

Why investing for cashflow won't work in 2020

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