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Ask the right questions and you won't end up in a mentor muddle

No matter how well you do your homework before buying an investment property, you sometimes need someone in your corner.

Ten lessons I learned from past property downturns that we can use in 2021

Is successful property investing an art or a science?

2021: New year to bring BIG property boom

Five signs the property market has turned and will rebound in 2021

Twenty 2020 lessons you don't want to forget

What’s really behind rising house prices?

Five good reasons why now is the right time to invest in Brisbane

New housing trend: Aussies want more space

The Big Banks were WRONG in 2020... Will they be right about the property market in 2021?

Setting high goals means even failure brings rewards

Plan to abolish NSW stamp duty could create more problems than it solves

Australia's biggest rental boom in living memory

The needle in a haystack house: case study

Here are some of Australia's top million-dollar streets

Why I never believe the property naysayers (and you shouldn't, either)

More spin than win

The elephant in the property market

What Capital Gains Tax is and what it isn't

Why your next investment must be in a "20 minute neighborhood"

Here's how to pick the property market turning point

Why property investing should be like planning for a holiday

Play it cool – why emotions can ruin wise property investing

Here's what property investors will be doing in 2021

Which Australian locations will become WFH magnets?

Three signs that shape as a turning point for our property market

The 12 most common tenant complaints

Five ways buying property in super is different

A perfect storm is brewing for property

Timing the market: Behind the scenes of your next property purchase

How many Australians own an investment property?

Winning formula is often the simplest one

Here's why the rich live longer than the poor

Coastal locations booming in QLD, but is it a false positive for investors?

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