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How to invest in property when money is no longer “free”

Over the years from 2009 to 2021, the property investment landscape was richly nurtured by the rains of a low-interest-rate environment — but things are very different now!

How to diversify investments beyond your home state

Investing in an area outside your home state can be a daunting process. 

Are you making these seriously fatal property investment mistakes?

You may not even be aware of it, but chances are, you could be putting your financial future in jeopardy by making these deadly property investment mistakes.

6 ugly truths about owning an investment property

Australia is the world’s most popular destination for rich migrants: What does it mean for our property market?

6 essential questions to ask before turning your home into an investment

Downsizing trend will accelerate in Australia: Here’s how it’ll affect the property market

Why consider using a buyer’s agent

From Baby Boom to Baby Bust: Navigating the new economic reality

What’s the answer to our severe housing shortage?

Why property investors shouldn’t fall for media fearmongering: the upturn is here

From population boom to housing nightmare: Addressing Australia’s housing crisis

The surprising truth about money and happiness: new science unveiled

Olympic Endeavours: Seizing the Once in a Lifetime Opportunity in South East Queensland

The 3 Things Required to Bring Certainty to our Property Markets

Australians move home less frequently due to market challenges

Family feuds and lost inheritances: How to avoid a fall out

The perils of trying to time the property cycle: a guide for mere mortals

Beware of taking investment advice from people playing a different game than you are

Australia’s looming housing shortfall: a crisis in the making

The power of wealth: Can money really solve your problems?

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