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What downturn? Houses in some suburbs are still selling FAST

In the midst of the property market upswing, property across the country was selling at lightning speed, with countless reports of property sales happening within hours of being listed for sale. 

Understanding the Brisbane rental crisis and a glimmer of hope?

Demand for Brisbane housing has skyrocketed and I am not talking about buying, I am talking about renting. 

Half a million Aussie properties will be uninsurable within the next decade

Climate change is causing increased drought, hotter temperatures and more extreme storms and these changes are endangering our environment, lifestyles, our jobs and livelihoods, our crops and therefore food prices, our health and even our air quality. 

Here's what the typical Australian property investor looks like 

Top 10 most expensive suburbs in Melbourne

The Aussie suburbs with prices lower now than before the pandemic

Facing the biggest fear of all

How many Australians own an investment property? 

Price gap narrows between houses and units, and will tighten further

8 regional suburbs join the million-dollar club amid sea-change boom

How the snowball effect creates booms

Aussies are packing up and moving amid cost of living surge

Why time in the market is more important than timing the market

Ten common mistakes investors make during a property downturn

Foreign investor crackdown: Australia pulls back the welcome mat

10 most expensive suburbs in Sydney

Rental market winners and losers

Should I buy property now… or wait for prices to drop further?

The ultimate guide to rental property tax deductions

The pet-friendly laws in each Aussie state

Do I need to be rich to set up a family trust?

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