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How the snowball effect creates booms

Housing markets sometimes produce unexpected and dramatic periods of growth after many years of price stagnation. John Lindeman explains that this occurs when the demand for housing starts to exceed the supply of available properties, leading to a snowball effect.

Aussies are packing up and moving amid cost of living surge

House prices, groceries, petrol and even flights, Australia’s cost of living has gone through the roof as our economy tries to grapple with surging inflation. 

Why time in the market is more important than timing the market

When it comes to property investment, many buyers and investors become obsessed with the idea of timing their property purchase with the view that buying at the bottom of the market for the cheapest price is a formula for property success. 

Ten common mistakes investors make during a property downturn

Foreign investor crackdown: Australia pulls back the welcome mat

10 most expensive suburbs in Sydney

Rental market winners and losers

Should I buy property now… or wait for prices to drop further?

The ultimate guide to rental property tax deductions

The pet-friendly laws in each Aussie state

Do I need to be rich to set up a family trust?

Sydney and Melbourne suburbs more likely to hold their value 

Covid-19 shrank household size, lifted prices

The QLD land tax grab that could hurt renters and investors

11 factors that affect the value of your property 

The Aussie suburbs where it's cheaper to buy than rent

17 Sydney suburbs cheaper than 5 years ago

NO, You Should NOT Put Your Property Search on Hold!

Rental market in crisis: Supply slumps to historic low

Sydney and Melbourne property prices falling – other states fading

Top 20 strongest global prime property markets for 2022 - and 5 Aussie cities made the list

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