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How does my super get taxed?

The amount you’re taxed on your super will depend on your age, the amount in your super, and how and when you withdraw it.

Are you Willing to Pay the Price to become a Successful Property Investor?

Over the last decade of record low-interest rates and low levels of inflation, holding property has been relatively simple, but the tide is now turning rather quickly.

Off-the-plan apartment crisis in Australia: Why buyers are struggling to settle

Rising interest rates are making it difficult for off-the-plan buyers to pass the bank’s serviceability test.

Australia’s Booming Population Growth: Navigating the Challenges and Opportunities

Revealed: The 20 happiest countries in the world for 2023

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House Price Volatility: Is It a Fee or a Fine?

The Underlying Fundamentals Remain Strong for Brisbane Property

What tax rules apply to Airbnb hosts?

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World’s most expensive cities revealed, and Australia makes the top 10

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10 money habits that are keeping you poor, and how to overcome them

Australia’s ghost town suburbs revealed  

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Properties are selling fastest, and slowest, in these areas

6 ways to avoid or minimise CGT when selling an investment property

Australia’s average income is higher than you’d think

What downturn? Houses in some suburbs are still selling FAST

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