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When the boom is over

Property booms don’t all finish in the same way. Booms where investors have been heavily involved can become superheated bubbles and then they bust, with prices crashing. In fact, as price growth comes to an end, we can expect the usual dire warnings of an imminent property market crash to make headlines in the media.

Sellers are abandoning our housing markets as lockdowns bite | Property Insiders

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Rent money is NOT dead money

What do you really want? HINT – It’s not a property!

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FOMO mistakes investors make

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Adapt to new phase or look elsewhere

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Aiming for lots of land misses the point

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Buying at the bottom might not work out

Here's how to invest in our booming property markets

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82%+ of investment properties do not need a physical depreciation inspection

Double digit property price growth around Australia already this year | Property Insiders

Being wealthy is different, and much better than being rich

Why the best areas can be the worst

Understanding the 3 stages of your property investment journey

What a week of positive property and economic data | Property Insiders

No advantage buying under median value

It's cheaper to buy than rent over half the properties in Australia

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Buy or sell first? Juggling settlement without dropping the ball

Real Estate – A national obsession | Property Insiders

25 Property investment quotes to keep you motivated

Now what next for our property markets? | Property Insiders

Lenders are raising long-term fixed interest rates

Public housing & capital growth

Six mistakes to avoid when investing in older apartments

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