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$50,000+. Why I said NO.

CASE STUDY | $50,000+, a nice short term profit. This is why I said NO!

Why investing because of infrastructure spending is a bad idea

Tips and traps of buying overseas

How to pick the property market turning point

Easier Lending Is Here!

Why past performance is no guide to the future

These homes were hit the hardest in the recent property downturn

How will the new First Home Loan Scheme impact the market?

Here’s how to buy your next property under market value

Beware of the yield trap many property investors fall into

How investor mindset moves the markets

Should you join a fee-based mentoring programme?

How to develop with a joint venture partner… successfully

Ditch a dud to buy a pearl

Four reasons to use a buyer’s agent to buy your home

Shedding light on Manufactured Home Estates

Here’s the proof: School catchments add value

BIG Changes Ahead for the Property Market!

I’m just as shocked as you!

How to get inside the special property club

Would you make a good property mentor?

What the Coalition win could mean for our property markets

How to own a home in a trust tax-free

Want to know what the election outcome could mean for our housing markets?

No one has ever become rich by doing nothing.

Here’s why property investors develop financial freedom

How to find the Investment Grade Suburbs in a Top Performing Suburb List.

The Banks - Don’t get me started

The Tax Man has a warning

Here's how Labor's $200 Billion tax slug will impact you.

Market facts make way for wishful thinking

Why chasing high cash flow properties may be detrimental to your wealth.

Is your home exempt from CGT?

Why invest in property before the federal election?

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